Frankincense and Cancer, Published Research, PubMed NIH

We are a Medical Massage Therapy Business.

We are not physicians, we do not diagnose, and we recommend you consult your physician.

Our products are not FDA approved and made from products labeled "Therapeutic Grade."

Our approach is simple: We provide therapeutic massages, educate you about published research that shows some Frankincense's effectiveness on cancer, and schedule a series of massages with the massage products of your choice. 

(Reading these are very clinical, so FYI, Apoptosis is cell death.)

Click here for Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma

Click here for Pancreatic Cancer

Click here to read about our Frankincense's effects on cancer

Click here to read about cognitive improvement via antioxidant activity

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"TKO", our Essential Oil Blend, has the Frankincense, Lavender, and Myrrh.

We believe this is blend dilates vessels to help the Frankincense get into tissues to fight cancer and keep it from spreading, reduces pain, and neutralizes free radicals.

How to use:

1. Tumors you can feel use 1 dropper (about 10 drops) and massage thoroughly 4 times a day week 1.

2. 3 times per day week 2.

Best used during our massages and included in our massage cream. For systemic cancer like bone cancer please call 440-584-0248 so we can discuss different massages.

Note: There are no guarantees, these are our suggestions based of the published research above.

What most of our customers are saying:

"By far the best massage in NE Ohio!"        "I have my life back!"

"My 10 yr old gymnast's ankle pain and lower back pain is gone, she won first place in the state overall!"