If you think you have 

Lupus / Fibromyalgia / RA / Parkinson's / Multiple Sclerosis / Chronic Fatigue

You may actually have LYME DISEASE.

You may want to consult your doctor. Note, there are many false negative test results because of the protective biofilm. 

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If not Lyme, then what?

Did Lyme Disease really stop at the border of Ohio, and skip over Michigan and Indiana?

Studies from Envita Medical Center indicate the under diagnosed cases are probably diagnosed as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, RA, Parkinson's, MS, etc. 

Chronic Lyme Disease Complex

Click on the picture to watch a video from Envita showing the Borellia screwing into the body and surrounding itself with a Biofilm to be undetected by the Immune System and Antibiotics.

Our 8 day Program below is working great on 3 of 3 people.

"Clear head, tons of energy, and no pain! 1st time in 50 yrs! God Bless Fusion4Athletes."

Lyme Disease Program

Published Research links proved a few Essential oils 

"completely eradicated all Borellia burgdorferi stationary phase cells"

NIH Research / Johns Hopkins Research

Problem is there are no clinical trial on humans. We take a Deep Cleaning/Detox  Massage with Therapeutic Grade oils from the research, add a great sauna to bake the oils deep into the body,  go back to the table for a full body deep tissue massage, and a great plan and we have people with clear heads and no joint pain!


Our Treatment Plan to apply Therapeutic Grade Oils

1. 4 Pack of Fusion Massages using oils in the research above (every other day).

2. i4Life Self applied Lymph massage you can do at home to fight

disease the rest of your life.

(Apply oils first, then 2x daily).

3. 15 ml bottle of our 4 Lyme blend oils (2x daily min).

4. Hot shower with our 4 Lyme Soap blend, (hair & body daily).

5. Diffuser to breath oils through the night (daily).


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Holly's Story, a True Fighter

Getting real results in 24 hours after suffering for 30 years!

This may be difficult to read, but she wants her story shared so she can help others. Please help her pay it forward.


Hello my name is Holly and I've suffered from Lyme disease, which was re-diagnosed as RA, for 30 years now. I have tried modern medicine with no help. In 1995 I picked up my family and moved away from my parents, sister and brother to Arizona, 2000 miles away. Which was per the doctors orders. The doctors sure did get that one right. But I still wasn't able to find any modern pharma drug to help me. The doctors gave me treatments for RA had me on high amounts of steroids, pain killers, inflammatory, & autoimmune suppressants. Nothing they gave me helped. I was almost bedridden. Over the years I have researched vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential oils to help. I no long take pharma drugs, happy to say, but in December 2018 I had an RA attack on my upper body, neck, voice box, lungs, torso & upper back. Everything I did, didn't help! The doctors couldn't figure out what was happen.  Test after test, Xrays, swallow tests, ENT tests the doctors couldn't help me and I was getting worse by the day. Had a hard time breathing, swallowing, talking and a was losing weight. Still, no answers from modern medicine, just bills and more bills. My sister, who's husband passed from cancer, told me about Fusion4Athletes and their holistic treatments. So during a visit home, I tried their services, and I can not believe how much they helped me in such a short time. I was so tight in the chest and neck it took them 2 days to loosen up those muscles. When they did loosen up, my breathing became so much easier. Jim continued releasing all the muscles gave me exercises to do and a special mix of oils to use. Here it is one month later and I'm feeling so much better. I wish I had a place like this in Arizona. Do not let anyone discourage you from trying holistic alternative medicine. Listen to your own inner voice, you will not be sorry. I'm so glad i didn't let my family members discourage me. Thank you Fusion4Athletes you did and still are doing great with my problems. I am now sleeping better and feeling better. I did start the steam breathing exercise with Epsom Salt and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Jim, the owner of Fusion4Athletes, seeks real answers for real pain, and uses the NIH PubMed database for his research, the foremost authority on Healthcare. There are essential oils that completely eradicate stationary phase cells of Lyme disease, and massaged me with them. 

My sister Kim had her struggles with cancer that took her husband, but she found Janet Vit's story and helped. These and your stories need to be told & heard, we need to work with Alternative Healthcare!