Our Approach is Proactive,

Holistic (Full Body), and

Functional (Treat Root Cause)

The Coronavirus is focused on Medicine developing something that will help. We have been trained to wait until we are sick and then go to the doctor. This Pandemic is forcing us home away from medicine so we need to take time to learn what we can do at home, and then apply it to our daily lives for the rest of our life so we can live a great life. It is the very best gift we have ever been given.

Proactive Healthcare is

Less Expensive than

Reactive Healthcare

I took this picture at our families cottage in Wisconsin, and I want to keep visiting it for years to come. My family has been blessed, my grandmother played with her great grandchildren. Shouldn't this be our goal?

The Program

Other blessings include being guided by smart people, learning my mistakes, and combining that information with my knowledge of sports & biology to develop this effective proactive, full body, root cause program.

It has been developing for 15 years, and have only been sick for a handful of times. We keep sharing, but we need take control now, and we will guide you through this process. We start with the immune system.

Medical Massage Therapy

Deep Cleaning #1: Step one to clean/detox the body. Amazing full body massages, and melts pain away fast.

Fusion Massages: For even faster results, whether they are pain relief, increase mobility, walk the metro park, or blow away your performance goals, these work fast.

Therapeutic Massages: For the very best Migraine, Rotator Cuff, lower back, hip, knee, or whatever, we focus and treat the root cause so your pain goes away and stays away.

Weekly for therapy, Monthly for maintenance, and Pre/Post event depending on your sport or activity goals.

i4Life: Master Your Immune System, 

a Home Lymph Massage: Daily

The i4Life program gives you control of your immune system so you can boost it any time you want. It is 4 Yoga moves, 4 specialized breathing techniques, and 4 min of meditation. If you do it a few times it will help a little. If you do it every day, day after day, month after month in the 3rd week you will notice your fingernails are stronger and grow faster, and your hair grow faster. "I realized I hadn't been sick in 4 years, so I just kept doing it." It didn't matter to Jim the owner why, "It worked, so I just kept doing it."

When he got to the Lymph System in Anatomy & Physiology he saw a pic of a giant Lymph Node (left) and realized the one way valves were the reason the Yoga moves were working. The Nodes are in the joints, so if you crouch in a ball you squish them and they speed up your immune system. 40 of these speeds the immune system 4000%!

Proactive4 Virus Bacteria & Fungus

Essential Oil Blend

Therapeutic grade essential oils combined in a blend to help your body fight these diseases. Designed from published NIH research, this works so use it every day. After shower, before entering and leaving stores, in bedroom diffuser, in home air filter, and ON YOUR MASK!

Max Recovery Deep Cleaning Spray and Max Recovery Deep Feeding Massage Cream.

Incredible products that get rid of pain fast, and begin the regeneration process. Combined with specific Therapeutic Grades Essential Oils for the very fastest recovery available.

Proactive4 Virus Bacteria & Mold Soap

Therapeutic Essential Oils...

Use daily after shampoo and regular soap to proactively support your immune system.