Programs for Your Very Best Results

Designed from experience, these are the fastest way out of pain, fastest recovery, and maximum performance.

Professional Athletes & Teams


Step #1 is Deep Cleaning:

Week 1: Two JumpStart 90 min 

Week 2: Fusion120 Sauna20+Boot40+Massage75 and a Professional 4 handed massage (is a 2 hour massage done in 1 hour!).

Step #2 is Pre/Post Event Recovery:

Week3+: Fusion 120's 4 hands


1. 2 hands at first at 90 min

2. 4 hands gives a 2 hour massage in 60 min

3. 8 hands gives a 2 hour massage in 30 min.

4. Four teams of 4 therapists will give 16 players 2 hour massages in only 2 hours!

This is how to improve you win/loss record!

Massages must be synchronized so as not to disorient the patient.

headache woman line

Migraine Headaches

Over 1000 patients suffering from Migraine headaches have their life back!

Week 1: Deep Cleaning #1

Week #2: Fusion DC#2

Week #4 Migraine 4 pack scheduled based on the frequency of your migraines. These 6 massages restore blood flow to the brain decreasing the frequency, duration and pain level of your headaches. 

Chronic Illness and Degenerative Diseases 

Our Fibromylagia & Lupus patients have gone from pain 8 out of 10 every day to most of their days pain free. 

Week #1: Deep Cleaning #1.

Week #2: Fusion DC#2 Sauna20 + Massage60

Week #3-6 the 4 pack of Fusion 90 Sauna20+Massage60 and your pain will be significantly reduced.

Our massage cream is developed from our Lupus & Fibromyalgia patients for instant pain reduction and effective massage.


Joint / Back / Hip pain

Start in therapy mode with 4 packs and weekly massages while you use the Max Recovery Spray and Cream daily at home.

4Life Family Gold Passholder

Pay once and never pay for this membership again, and no obligations. None.

We know that many issues require numerous massages so this gives you 15% off massages, book without prepaying, and the ability to choose the Fusion that is best for you. Some days the Purple Hawaiian for stress relief might be the best for you. 

This is a pay as you go and usually purchased after therapeutic 4 packs.

What our customers are saying

Thank you for giving me my life back!

Real Healthcare because you really care!

I bring my children because I can't stand to see them in pain doing sports they Love!

I'm out of the dark and with my family now that my headaches are gone!

Let us prove it to you !