Fusion4Athletes formerly Athletes4Life

(Non Fusion sessions that you love are still available!)

Fusion4Athletes is a medical massage business that combines/"Fuses" multiple modalities & technologies and customizes each one to maximize "muscle cleaning" giving you 4x recovery and injury prevention. 

90 min of Fusion will give you 360 min of "Effective Therapy." 

But we don't stop there, our therapeutic techniques (Clean, Scrub, Squeegee, and Flush) combined with our Max Recovery Spray regenerates damaged cells for complete "Muscle Restoration!"

 Restoration and Prevention for you, your school, & your team!

5 Triathlons in 5 Consecutive Days?

"Jul 2018 I took these technologies to my cottage in Wisconsin to test the effectiveness of Fusion.  Without Medical Massage Fusion I would have been done after 2 days, but my fastest 2 days were my last 2 days, and my last 3 set personal records!"

Restoration and Prevention Right Now!


Owner and LMT

58 Years Young!

Medical Massage Fusion Procedure:

Here is the blueprint of our Fusion Procedure. 

Prevent injury, maximize recovery, and blow away your goals!

Step #1: Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

Burn 600 Calories & Detox

Medical Device FDA 510K Sauna: First, the FIR Sauna heats the body better than a Massage Therapist can, reduces pain and migraine headaches, burns 600+ calories of fat, and breaks up most of the muscle congestion (metabolic waste and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury). This is best used before the massage and doubles effective therapy time so you get 2 massages in 1 session. 

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Purchase Sauna 20 for only $10!

Step #2: Recovery Compression Boots

Normatec Pulse Compression

Next, our Max Recovery Spray dilates blood vessels, maximizes pain reduction, and relaxes muscles 

in preparation for decongestion/metabolic waste removal. We use the spray with the 

NormaTec compression boots to squeeze & pulse the metabolic waste out of the muscles. 


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40 Min with Max Recovery Spray only $35!

Step #3: Athletic Medical Massage

The most important Step!

Muscle Cleaning for

Restoration and Prevention

The Athletic Restoration Massage is a Fusion of modalities (Self developed "Cleaning", Thai Yoga for advanced stretching, and Hawaiian) that thoroughly "cleans" and lengthens muscles to complete the Fusion. The massage begins on the upper body when the boots are on for two therapies at once, so you get more therapy in less time. Then we use our self-developed advanced therapeutic techniques (clean, scrub, squeegee, flush and etc.) to work out tight knotted tissues so the muscles can regenerate.

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Purchase Deep Cleaning #1 only $49 for 75 min!

Max Recovery Cream & Spray

Max Recovery Cream & Spray

Get Rid of Cramps and Pain in Seconds!

We stand at the finish line and immediately spray athletes with severe cramps and it helps them in seconds! 

"The best I've ever used!" Athlete at NEO Cycle 2018

The same great cream and spray we use during our massages, developed by Fusion4Athletes, they are specifically designed to 'clean' and 'heal'. Ingredients include Magnesium to relax tight tissues and help red blood cells absorb oxygen for faster recovery, 10 different essential oils like Frankincense to fight cancer and support muscle physiology, Peppermint and Lavender to reduce pain and dilate blood vessels so we can push out max metabolic waste, and other oils to support nerves and tendons.


Pre-event or in Triathlon transition only spray one or two sprays, and after your event spray 8 on troubled quads, 4 for a calf, 8 lower back, 8 for each rotator cuff, and 4 for each side of the neck, but do not spray over 32 sprays.

Buy one and get the second half off!

Your health is very important to us so please leave a message.

440-584-0248     853 W Bagley Rd, Berea, OH 44017